Viewing Mail Accounts

To view the list of mail accounts, click Mail >> Accounts menu item on your space page. Mail Accounts page will open.


Adding Mail Account

To add a new mail account

  1. Open Mail Accounts page and click Create Mail Account button. Mail Account Properties page will open.
  2. Type your mailbox name in the E-mail Address box.
  3. Select an existing mail domain from the drop-down box or click Add Domain to create new domain.
  4. Type password for the new mail account.
  5. Enter personal information in the First Name and Last name boxes.
  6. If required, specify Reply to Address, which will be used to replace your mail address when replying to mail message. Note that not all mail providers support this function.
  7. Type your signature (brief message that automatically appears at the end of any e-mail you send out) in the Signature box. 
  8. If required, enabled Autoresponder for your account. In the autoresponder section, type Subjectand Message you would like to be sent to the sender of mails you receive.
  9. If required, specify Forward Mail to Address where e-mail sent to your account will be forwarded to. Select Delete Message on Forward if you do not want to store message in your mailbox.
  10. Click Save button.

Deleting Mail Account

To delete mail account, open Mail Accounts page. Choose mail account you wish to delete and click on the account name. Mail Account Properties page will open. Finally, click Delete button.