Mail forwardings are using to redirect a received e-mail from one e-mail address to another e-mail address.


Viewing Mail Forwardings

To view the list of mail forwardings, click Mail >> Forwardings menu item on your space page. Mail Forwardings page will open.


Adding Mail Forwarding

To add a new mail forwarding

  1. Open Mail Forwarding page and click Create Mail Forwardings button. Mail Forwarding Properties page will open.
  2. Type forwarding name in the E-mail Address box.
  3. Select an existing mail domain from the drop-down box or click Add Domain to create new domain.
  4. Type recipient e-mail address in the Forwards to e-mail box.
  5. Click Save button.

Deleting Mail Forwarding

To delete mail forwarding, open Mail Forwardings page. Choose mail forwarding you wish to delete and click on the forwarding name. Mail Forwarding Properties page will open. Finally, click Delete button.